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Celebrating Quinn Allan’s five-year anniversary with Founder James Hyndman

This year, Quinn Allan will celebrate its fifth anniversary as a leading boutique recruitment and search firm, one that continues to carve out a dedicated niche and provide specialist talent acquisition services. To acknowledge the achievement, Founding Director James Hyndman talked about his experiences over the past five years and what has made the organisation so successful.

James formed Quinn Allan after building extensive recruitment experience. James formed Quinn Allan.

The formation of Quinn Allan was a chance for James to challenge himself and build on his years of industry experience. By focusing on a simple mantra, and ensuring that it informed every interaction with both clients and candidates, the business has been able to grow. With five years under its belt and plenty of opportunity to grow further, the future is looking bright for Quinn Allan.

Materialising Quinn Allan

Originally, Quinn Allan grew out of James’ desire for differentiation within the recruitment industry, a place where he had been active for more than 10 years. James saw that there was potential for specialisation within the market, and believed he could create an opportunity to be an industry leader.

“You start to really form your ideas on where a business could be positioned, and what you could do to differentiate yourself in what is a heavily brokered and fragmented market.”

Along with this, the mantra of “Our business is people” underpins Quinn Allan’s values and shapes how they operate in the recruitment industry. As James explained, ‘the mantra is not only true for the recruitment market as a whole, but for the small and growing business that was Quinn Allan as well.”

Building Quinn Allan’s Relationships

For an organisation to ignore number-driven business models in favour of genuinely adding value, it has to do much more than just treating the recruitment process as a series of transactions. To create long-term and rewarding relationships, and consequently providing better outcomes, Quinn Allan has an active presence in the wider industry.

“We lead a number of professional networking groups called Future Leaders, which brings like-minded career-focused individuals together once a quarter.”

“This provides a great forum for us to differentiate ourselves from competitors and reinforces our belief of building long term genuine relationships.”

Evolving With Industry Trends

Like most industries throughout Australia, the recruitment industry is one that has evolved over time. According to a report from LinkedIn, two of the major changes include a growing proportion of passive candidates in the market (78 per cent) and shift to include quality of hire as the most valuable metric for success.

The way recruitment firms are set up is also evolving according to client and candidate preference. While a volume-based and generic approach used to dominate, there is now plenty of space for boutique specialists to succeed in the market. James explained that Quinn Allan’s commitment to specialisation, rather than generalisation, is integral to the way it engages with clients and candidates.

“It’s built around having a deep and well-defined service offering and job families that you specialise in, and then creating genuine meaningful relationships within those.”

These genuine relationships and focused specialisations all combine to ensure that firms such as Quinn Allan can add a service that’s is complimentary to an organisation and their internal recruitment team processes. By communicating these elements to clients and candidates, they are reassured that they’re investing in services offered by experienced market professionals.

Quinn Allan has grown over the past five years.Quinn Allan has grown over the past five years.

Sustainability Over Time

Genuine relationships with people, led to the creation of Quinn Allan’s founding mantra, and they will play a key part in its future as well. For the firm to continue pursuing high-growth industries, it needs to invest the right people across all of its job families.

“We’ve got a good core client base, where we’re preferred suppliers for a number of multinational and national organisations in growth sectors,” James began. “So the next five years for us is about growing with like-minded, capable and passionate people, to ensure we continue to add value and stick to our founding mantra.”

Quinn Allan’s positioning as a specialist recruiter means it has agility, a major advantage in changing and challenging markets. As job markets evolve, recruiters and their firms need to adapt alongside them, a process that larger organisations may struggle with.

“We don’t align ourselves with shrinking industries,” James says. “We align with growth industries where there is innovation and transformation, as this is where the key opportunities for aspiring talent lie.”

With a focus on developing industries, Quinn Allan recognises that advanced practices and technology will enable sustainability and be at the forefront when identifying and acquiring specialist talent. With this commitment Quinn Allan has continued to invest in systems and processes.

“These innovations come with a long term focus to create the best experience for the clients and candidates we engage with – this coupled with our people is what will set us apart”