James Hyndman

How to bridge the tech divide and revolutionise your recruitment


In a talent-heavy market where candidates have the power, it is difficult for businesses to find employees who add long-term value. While the majority of talent partners can provide companies with technically qualified employees, the modern market demands more than the traditional ‘hard’ skill set. And with a wealth of businesses vying for the same talent, it is difficult to engage the right people.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology sphere. Typically an industry wholly defined by an individual’s technical capabilities, tech businesses and teams are now looking for employees with a specific set of behavioural qualities and professional drivers that go well beyond expertise.

Unfortunately, many talent partners lack the deep understanding and experience to provide quality professionals with the technical skills and alignment to the cultural DNA. In 2019 Quinn Allan is proud to launch a new technology practice group, Quinn Allan Consulting, to bring the absolute best to businesses seeking optimal talent.

Does your organisation struggle to find candidates that are a good behavioural fit?Does your organisation struggle to engage talent that is a good behavioural fit?

Bringing experience from both sides of the recruitment divide

A strong talent partner needs experience on both sides of the business divide – understanding what skills make a tech or digital specialist great, as well as what makes them a complete fit for a specific business or team. All too often, recruitment firms can provide the former but miss the mark on the latter. This leads to hires with technical nous, but limited commercial or interpersonal acumen.

The leaders of Quinn Allan Consulting, have over a decade of experience in building deep, insightful relationships with both individuals and organisations. Having supported digital transformation strategies in ASX-listed companies from banking to logistics to energy, they have a peerless understanding of what makes cutting-edge talent, and how to match organisations with their ideal people.

Coupled with Quinn Allan’s established brand, the new technology practice group is uniquely poised to onboard emerging talent that is perfectly matched to a business’ needs.

Building longevity in a flexible gig economy

The Quinn Allan Consulting team has a contemporary view on identifying and engaging talent, reflective of the fluid nature of business. With the ever-present gig economy, employment is a much more liquid prospect. Millennials no longer seek a lifetime career, but look at each role as a building block on the path to personal fulfillment.

Having overseen some of Australia’s biggest digital transformations and organisational overhauls, the Quinn Allan Consulting team is undeniably well positioned to procure talent and build project teams that add long-term value to businesses.

People at computers, coding in an office. Quinn Allan Consulting is perfectly poised to supply high-end tech talent to your organisation.